Welcome to a World of Magic & Fantasy…..

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Enter a whole new world of magic when you step into the realms of fantasy. Dare to enter the secret portal in room 13 and meet the fierce and treacherous vampire that is Gladstone Gore in The Secret Portal…Journey back and forth between our dimension and the fifth dimension in the battle to rid the human world of Gore’s evil legacy in The Vampire Returns…Be whisked away to a whole new world filled with airborne beasts, evil sorcery, magical potions, strange and wonderful creatures, mysterious riddles and the magical elemental gems from the wizard’s sceptre when you cross over to a magical land in the Sceptre of Zanafiar.

When you step into my world of magic and fantasy be prepared to face everything from the bloodthirsty Gladstone Gore – who is not only an evil vampire from the fifth dimension but also every kid’s worst nightmare of a teacher – to inept witches, powerful sorcerers, king elementals, fire and ice dragons, potions, spells, carnodytes, helklaws, rippars and more. Meet the students from the Human Race Studies Academy in The Secret Portal and The Vampire Returns or visit the many magical places in Zanafiar as you join William on his quest to solve the riddles, find the magical gems, and defeat evil in The Sceptre of Zanafiar. Above all, let your imagination bring these new lands, dimensions, races and people to life. Welcome to my world…